Humanity First is an international aid agency that provides aid and assistance to those in need irrespective of race, religion or politics from registered offices now in 53 countries. HF have been working on projects in 53 countries across 6 continents

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Since January 2020, a new Cronavirus (COVID-19) has been rapidly spreading and has been classified by the WHO as a Pandamic. It was first detected in Wuhan (China) in late December 2019, and is associated with symptoms including fever, coughing and respiratory issues leading to mortality, especially in older people and those with a weakened immune system.

Guidance Summary

Avoid contact if possible, including travel on public transport. Work from home if at all possible

Avoid international travel until further notice as restrictions are being placed on a daily basis

Ensure effective hand-washing several times a day or whenever contact with surfaces has increased the risk. Follow the effective hand-washing guidance.

Self-isolate as far as possible, especially those over 70 years of age and those with a compromised immune system and/or chronic health condition.

Where it is necessary to contact other people, do not shake hands and try to keep at least 2 metre distance from others. 

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Humanity First Response News

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HF Norway Homeless Meals - 25 March

HF Norway has teamed up with the Red Cross in Oslo and will be providing meals for 40 homeless people in the City for the next month.

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Africa braces itself - 24 March

As COVID-19 cases begin to emerge on the continent of Africa, fears grow that the weaker local health systems will struggle to cope. Already Ivory Coast and Senegal have announced measures to lockdown their populations similar to the actions in Europe. Humanity First has established medical teams in the region and also clinics and hospitals in Senegal, Mali and Benin, and our teams stand ready to assist their governments and health services as required to contain the spread of the virus.

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Paris Health Worker Support - 23 March

In order to help protect patients and medical staff in France, HF France team has set up triage tent outside the Clinique Du Landy (part of Ramsay Health) in Saint-Ouen, near Paris. Staff will be tested everyday for COVID-19 by their team within the HF tent before entering the clinic.

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Supporting Healthcare workers in Sweden - 23 March

Around Europe, the health system is coming under stress, and health care workers including doctors, nurses, anaesthetists and allied professionals, are putting themselves at risk and working long hours in difficult conditions wearing PPE equipment. In Sweden, our local HF team has started providing meal packs for clinicians at one of the Hospitals in the City of Gothenburg. The team have also been supporting the homeless in Stockholm as part of community services provided by our volunteers

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HF Launches Support Call centre in the UK and Canada - 21 March

Humanity First has launched support call centres in the UK and Canada with teams able to provide guidance and to forward to partners who can provide support services.

HF UK Support Line: +44 (0)333 880 6619 (0800 - 2100 UK Time)

HF Canada Support Line: +1 416 440 0346 ext.8 (0800 - 2000 EST)

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HF Indonesia is preparing hand gels to distribute to the vulnerable - 20 March

HF Indonesia has started preparing small bottles of hand-sanitiser for distribution to the vulnerable, especially the elderly and those most at risk. Distribution points are in Jakarta, Tangerang, Semarang, Solo Yogyakarta, Bandung Bekasi and Garut.

Phone 0700 007 245 447 to contact the team

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HF India setting up washing stations with guidance on safe hygiene - 19 March

As part of the regional 'Break the Chain' campaign in Kerala initiated by the local government, HF India has been setting up hand-washing points for the general public at locations near public transport. There are taps for hand washing and posters in local language to explain how to wash effectively to minimise the risk of infection.


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HF Germany Blood Drive in Heidelberg

HF is teaming up with partners to do a blood drive in Heidelberg in Germany to help support the health system as the country tries to combat COVID-19

Useful Links and Resources

HF UK Support Line, operating daily from 8am to 8pm UK time - +44 (0)333 880 6619

HF Canada Support Line,  operating daily from 8am to 8pm EST time  - +1 416 440 0346 Ext.8

HF USA WeCare service Volunteer Registration  Registration

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WHO video - How to protect yourself against COVID-19


BBC Video - How to self-isolate

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Symptoms of COVID-19

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COVID-19 World Visualizer - click picture above to view


COVID-19 Important Information - Urdu Version


HF USA COVID-19 'What you need to Know' poster - 

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